Lutian 3.8kva Generator Lt3900
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Lutian 3.8kva Generator Lt3900

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Lutian generator lt 3900 3.8kva is one of the best generator you can get in the country now, its engine coil is made of 100% copper,it does not have fake and its been imported into the country solely by the same manufacturer. The rated ac output is 3.5 kva and the maximum rated ac output is 3.8 kva this generator is with automatic key starting that comes with the battery and manual starting that is with rope and is equipped with two tyres foe easy carrying, for the generator to work perfectly and for a long time you must use original oil for it the oil capacity is 0.6l the fuel tank capacity is 15 liters the generator is standard organisation of nigeria (son) approved , the engine type is air cooled is very silent does not make much noise and it has economy engine that consumes less fuel, buy the generator and you will enjoy your money worth but don’t use road side oil buy quality oil and the generator will last for you for a long time and its capable to carry a lot of your electronic equipment in your home including your 1 horse power air condition, fridge and freezer and it can also pump your water when their is no electricity. For the generator to last for you please don’t overload it

Brand – Lutian
Fuel Type – Petrol

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