LG 1000W 5.1CH Bluetooth Home Theatre System LHB655W
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LG 1000W 5.1CH Bluetooth Home Theatre System LHB655W

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Looking for the best and most immersive channel streaming Home Theater System that will give you an impressive experience? The LG Electronics LHB655 Home Theater System is exactly what you need. It lets you appreciate whatever you’ve been looking for in superior sound.

The LG LHB655 home theater framework with premium content gives you an opportunity to rapidly access content from accomplices, such as YouTube and Netflix directly to your television for unlimited hours of fun.

With over 1000 watts and 5.1 channels, your television shows and movies will always surround you for a more immersive and drawing in experience. This home theater unit is also very compatible with the LG’s Smart Hi-Fi speakers. Thus, you can choose to add more channels and music flow speakers to suit your entertainment needs



Push the LG’s speakers to the maximum with 1000 watts of power to ensure that you get your favorite tunes. This lets you get your groove of choice for a better and immersive experience.

5.1 channel immersive sound

With this exceptional home theater system, the 5.1 channel (one of its unique features) allows you to gather all your favorite TV shows, movies, music and sports to life. The 5.1-channel encompasses sound with added bass to upgrade your home theater sound.

Get unlimited access to Premium Content

The LG LHB655 home theater unit lets you access premium content from suppliers like Hulu Plus, Netflix and YouTube to stream your most precious films and TV shows. LG LHB655 home theater connects you to premium content that you and your family need.


With Bluetooth in place, you can always stream your favorite music and movies wirelessly from the smartphone or any other device that’s compatible with it. This gives you a seamless listening experience.

The LG LHB655 home theater unit also allows you to connect your LG Smart Hi-Fi compatible gadget to your network. This feature is absolutely vital as it lets you copy your favorite music directly from USB or CD to your LG music flow speakers. Once you connect it properly, and with a compatible device, you know you’ve your entire favorite content right at your fingertips. Additionally, it’s quite easy to control the content to send to the LG speakers.


  • The LG LHB655 home theater system allows you to gather all your favorite TV shows, films, music files, and sports together and bring them to reality
  • The system has 5.1 channel surround sound that has added base to improve your home theater sound
  • Smart and spectacular functionality
  • Once it is appropriately connected using a compatible device such as smartphone, the system lets you stream music files directly for an impressive listening experience.

Final verdict

The LG Electronics LHB655 Home Theater System is an astonishingly intense surround sound speaker system. It lets you enjoy and appreciate whatever you need in top-performance audio while at the same time gives you the capacity to enjoy Bluetooth wireless-streaming .This is undoubtedly a great purchase.

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